About Dr Demon

     I am Dr Demon, a lifelong self-taught artist who has been painting out at public events for the past 3 years. I performed almost weekly at a local venue named Buzzbin for 2 years during many shows they were out on. I work with Oddmall, which is an artist convention that forms around Ohio, and have a static consignment shop in Akron. I have worked at several festivals like N.O.I.S.E Fest and Spring Phoenix and Pyro Music and Arts Festival. I have been trying to get on stage with bands more recently and would love to find more festivals to work.

     I always start off painting from a blank canvas in public and can finish an entire piece in a matter of hours. I work randomly and chaotically. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m going to make!

     I also do Illustration, greeting cards, sculpting, 3d printing, murals, and more to come!

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